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It was just an ordinary day of crushing trash until they heard the sound – a tiny, high-pitched noise. What’s more, that sound was coming from the back of their truck. While fearing what they might find, the trashmen followed the commotion among the garbage. And as they searched, the noise became steadily louder.

The waste collectors in question were employees of Harold Adam Refuse Removal in Reading, Pennsylvania. In April 2017 the two men were just finishing their rounds for the day and disposing of the trash. And although it might sound simple, that process is actually quite dangerous.

That’s because the rear of a garbage vehicle is really a giant compactor. The collectors throw trash into it, and the mechanism uses pressure to crush the refuse down. In most cases, the trash is subsequently disposed of at a landfill site or waste transfer station.

But back to the machine itself. Not only is the compactor powerful, but it can also be fatal, as has been proven in the past. Indeed, there could have been another victim if things had gone a little differently on that day in Reading. Fortunately, though, the trash collectors were alert on the Tuesday afternoon in question.

On that afternoon, the trashmen heard a high-pitched noise in the truck’s compactor when they were at the rear of the vehicle. Furthermore, it seemed to be coming from a garbage bag that they had already thrown in and possibly even compacted. Naturally, they felt they had to investigate.

But the pair weren’t prepared for what they found when they looked inside. Within the sack was a young female cat that had presumably been trapped in there on purpose. What’s more, the physical state of the animal provided further evidence of abuse.

In fact, it appeared that the poor creature had been covered in gasoline and left to die. The workers were appalled by what they found and immediately took the cat to the Humane Society of Berks County (HSBC). The staff there were equally horrified.

Not only had the little cat been in constant danger of being crushed, but she had also been trapped in the bag for an estimated six hours. And all that time she had little else to breathe in but fumes from the gasoline she was covered with. Indeed, it was a miracle she was still alive.

As a result, the staff named the cat Miracle Maisy. Fortunately, Maisy seemed to understand that her rescuers were trying to help her. In April 2017 HSBC’s office coordinator, Chelsea Cappellano, told Philadelphia-based station WPVI-TV, “She was so patient as we looked her over for obvious or noticeable injuries.”

Thankfully, HSBC didn’t find any other signs of physical damage, so Maisy’s next stop was the neighboring Humane Veterinary Hospitals (HVH) Reading. And there she was left in the capable hands of Berks County Humane Hospital’s Dr. Kimya Davani. However, Dr. Davani found that although Maisy had no wounds, she was still in terrible condition.

Indeed, how the cat had survived was a mystery. “I’m not sure if she initially actually went through the garbage truck,” Davani told CBS in April 2017. “But… she was in shock, very dehydrated [and] underweight. Her temperature was extremely low – life-threatening.”

“The technicians spent all day bathing and drying her. The gas was so embedded in her fur that she wasn’t drying,” Dr. Davani also explained to WPVI-TV. “And because of this, her internal body temperature had dropped. We had to shave most of her body in order to get her temperature up again.”


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